A 112-year-old grandmother in Kelantan with 30 great-grandchildren is ready for her 8th marriage if there any opportunity arises.

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If it’s meant to be, it will be. Fate has written everything for you, including who you’ll cross paths with, regardless of where you are and how old you are.

For Siti Hawa from Tumpat, Kelantan, who is 112 years old, she is all set to move forward to her next marriage. However, it won’t be her 2nd marriage. Siti Hawa is, in fact, all set to look for the next man and get married for the 8th time.

Siti has been married 7 times in the past and according to her, some of her ex-husbands have passed away. Others were just not meant to be as she couldn’t find common ground with them. Despite her age, Siti is still healthy and able to perform daily duties, except for her vision, which is a little blurry, reported Kosmo.

Thanks to her previous marriages, Siti was blessed with 4 children from one of her ex-husbands. At the time of writing (December 13), Siti had a total of 30 great-grandchildren, and she is still able to tell them about the nightmares when the Japanese colonized Malaya. When it comes to her love life, Siti said,

“I’m open to the possibilities of another marriage if anyone’s interested.”

Siti is currently staying with her youngest son, Ali, who is 58. In case you’re wondering about the secrets to a long life, Siti admitted that she isn’t aware of any tips herself. However, her diet may contribute to that.

“I’ve been eating only plain white rice and drinking plain water. I’m not so sure if it has anything to do with my long life.”

Surprisingly, while not having an entirely clean bill of health, Siti only has concerns about high blood pressure, blurry vision, and fading memories. Despite so, Siti can still remember vividly the colonized days in Malaya. Given her age, it’s pretty admirable that she is still able to manage daily activities on her own!

Regardless, we hope that Siti can be happy with the life that she is living today.

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