A brazilian police officer died, and his body was eaten by his own six dogs.

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Clédio Vilela Cardoso, 53, lived alone on a farm and had six dogs that hadn’t eaten for two weeks. Police believe the dogs ate the man’s body out of hunger.

The shocking incident occurred in Pirenópolis, Brazil, when a military police officer was found in a tragic state.

The deceased, who passed away a few days ago, was discovered only as a skeleton.

The remains of the deceased, Cledio Vilela Cardoso, were found by a group of his friends who noticed that he hadn’t been attending the community church for a while.

However, their visit to the man’s house ended in shock as the 53-year-old officer was found in a deteriorated state near a table in his residence.

According to the latest reports, Cardoso’s body was believed to have been eaten by his six pet dogs, which were assumed to have been kept for security purposes.

Police suspect that the man’s death was caused by his hungry pets, as they hadn’t been fed for two weeks. This was due to the man’s depression following the loss of his child five years ago.

However, the actual cause of death is still unknown, and authorities are investigating whether there is any criminal involvement.

“So far, the investigation work has been challenging because the deceased’s tissues cannot be analyzed in the laboratory anymore. However, the police can still investigate the bones if there are signs of violence.

“If there is evidence of foul play, the police will investigate to determine the real cause of death,” he said.

Cleudio joined the military police in 2000 and is currently believed to be in the reserve force.

He was also reported to be living alone, with his last sighting by his neighbor on April 8th.

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