A heartwarming video is making the rounds, showcasing the talent and language skills of a Malay busker. 

Source: World Of Buzz

The busker, known as gismarrock07, shared the video on TikTok, capturing the moment he treated the diners to a spontaneous musical performance. As he approached their table with his guitar, he announced, “I have one song to sing for you.” The group, filled with anticipation, erupted in cheers.

Expressing his festive spirit, gismarrock07 said, “Happy Chinese New Year 2024! They just arrived as we were about to leave, but I managed to treat them to a song.” The diners, grateful and excited, thanked him as he continued, “I hope you know this song; we’ll sing it together.”

As he began singing 我的好兄弟 (Wo De Hao Xiong Di), some members of the group joined in, and soon the entire table was singing and clapping along joyfully, adding a lively soundtrack to their meal.

It’s clear that this busker has a unique ability to bring people together through the universal language of music, creating heartwarming moments that bridge cultural gaps.

video :


Wo da hao xiong di – Sahabat Baikku… Happy Chinese New Year 2024… diorang baru sampai kami mau balik tp sempat lagi belanja 1 lagu… #fypシ #xyzbca #fyp #kotakinabalu #wodehaoxiongdi #cny2024 #happychinesenewyear #china #sekadarhiburan @Med_benji @sumarli_puppet Official @Rozaii_93🎶

♬ original sound – gismarrock07 – gismarrock07

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