A Malaysian Husky That Understands Tamil Throws a Whining Fit When Told to Sleep

Source: TikTok | @sai_surase

Pets are often more than just animals; they become cherished members of our households, offering companionship and love. Yet, we sometimes overlook that they possess distinct personalities and traits, much like us.

This fact became evident in a video shared by a Malaysian dog owner named Surase, featuring his pet Husky named Karnan, posted on his TikTok page @sai_surase. The clip captured an interaction between Surase and Karnan, showcasing the Husky’s displeasure when instructed to go to sleep, leading to a silent yet expressive “argument.”

Here’s the twist – Karnan comprehends Tamil fluently, the language Surase used to communicate with him in the video.

At the start, Karnan shot Surase a disapproving look as Surase questioned why he couldn’t sleep alone. With whines and playful bites directed at his owner, Surase encouraged Karnan to head to his bedroom and rest, noting the dog’s obvious fatigue.

“What’s wrong, boy? You’re going to sleep, why do I have to follow? Go sleep, boy. The air conditioner is on, go sleep in my room,” Surase spoke fluently in Tamil to Karnan.

Trying to ease Karnan’s concerns, Surase’s words were met with playful frustration as the dog, understanding Surase’s command, approached him and lightly pawed at him.

As the video progressed, Karnan’s frustration peaked, and he retreated to the living room floor, continuing to whine softly. Seated on the ground, Karnan ignored Surase’s attempts to engage him, opting to wait silently.

Surase disclosed that he had been conversing with Karnan in Tamil since adopting him at three months old. Currently, Karnan also understands English, albeit as a secondary language.

“I attended a Tamil school and have a strong affinity for the language. So, as our primary language, I always communicate with him for all his needs – food, bathroom breaks, water, and outings,” explained Surase.

The heartwarming video garnered an adorable response online, with many users expressing amazement at Karnan’s ability to understand Tamil.

“When raised from a young age, they remember everything, even the language. Karnan is so clever and cute,” praised one user.

Others found amusement in Karnan’s playful antics, joking that he might have wanted Surase to read him a bedtime story. Even viewers unfamiliar with Tamil joined in, enjoying the interaction portrayed in the video.

“Hahaha, Karnan is such a good boy, right? Go sleep now, and don’t bother your owner!” playfully advised one user.


This is the routine every night. Daddy hv to follow him for sleeping. Over Care 😘😘😘😘 #huskymalaysia #cutiekarna #thepetmaster

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