A sleepy 7-year-old boy mistakenly puts a scented gel tub on his foot, thinking it’s his shoe.

Source: Tiktok | lepatliat8

Raya wouldn’t be complete without visiting many open houses. But for kids, it can be tiring. 

In a funny video shared by @lepatliat8, the family was heading to a relative’s open house in Klang. The video shows a boy struggling to put his shoes on when they arrived. But he was having trouble for a funny reason.

They told their 7-year-old to sleep so he wouldn’t be tired later. But kids being kids, he didn’t want to sleep at first. Eventually, he dozed off when they hit the Kesas highway because of the rain and traffic.

When they parked, they woke him up to put on his shoes. That’s when they noticed something funny. Their son, still half-asleep, was trying to put a scented gel tub on his foot, thinking it was his shoe.

“We couldn’t help but laugh,” The dad said as he recorded the moment.

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