Calum Scott’s Epic Batu Caves Adventure – More Stairs, More Laughs!

Source: TikTok | @calumscottofficial

Alright, so last Saturday was like the Malaysian music jackpot – Ed Sheeran rolled into town, and man, did he bring the house down. But guess who else joined the party? The one and only Calum Scott! Yup, the UK singer-songwriter shared the stage with Sheeran at Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Now, here’s the real kicker – while Calum was chilling in Malaysia, he decided to explore the sights. And where did he end up? None other than the iconic Batu Caves. But this ain’t your typical travel video. Calum took us on a rollercoaster of stairs, monkeys, and unexpected surprises.

The adventure kicked off with Calum showing off the temple’s base – you know, getting all touristy. Then, he started the climb to the top, soaking in the views, and even making friends with the local monkeys. Classic tourist move, right?

But hold up! Just when we thought he conquered it all, he reached what seemed like the top of the stairs, and he proudly declared, “We made it!” Cue the victory music, right? Well, not quite.

Turns out, there were more stairs hiding inside the cave temples. Talk about an unexpected workout! One brave soul in the TikTok comments asked Calum how tired he was after the climb. And you know what he said? “Totally worth it, mate! Batu Caves is pure magic.”

The comment section turned into a Malaysian travel guide. Fans were dropping suggestions left and right, telling Calum about other cool spots he should check out. It’s like Malaysians took it upon themselves to make sure Calum’s tour of Malaysia was epic.

And then came the sweet moments – fans thanking him for the awesome opening act at Sheeran’s concert, inviting him to return for another round if he ever gets the chance. One fan even wrote, “Thanks for the killer show at Bukit Jalil!”

So, there you have it – Calum Scott’s hilarious Batu Caves escapade, filled with unexpected stairs, cheeky monkeys, and a whole lot of Malaysian love. Who knew climbing stairs could be this entertaining? Keep rocking, Calum!

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