Cheerful Boxing Showdown at Senior Care Center

Source : TikTok | lamankhaira

When we think about our grandparents, it’s usually all cozy and hugs, right? But guess what? A recent TikTok video from a senior care center is proving that our grandmas and grandpas might have some unexpected moves up their sleeves.

Source: TikTok | lamankhaira
Source: TikTok | lamankhaira

Shared by the Muslim-friendly senior center Laman Khaira on their @lamankhaira TikTok account, the video shows a caretaker having a playful boxing match with one of the residents. It’s not your typical jab-and-duck scenario; it’s more like a heartwarming dance-off with a twist.

In the video, the caretaker and the elderly resident start with a solid handshake, gearing up for their “boxing” showdown. The older man, who turns out to be a retired boxer from back in the day, dodges every swing with impressive skill, using his hands and forearms like a pro ANDadding a touch of entertainment to their friendly match.

Source: TikTok | lamankhaira
Source: TikTok | lamankhaira

The caption spills the beans – this grandpa was a boxing champ in his prime, explaining his precision in dodging and throwing moves without causing any harm.

People online are showering praises on the caretaker for going the extra mile to bring joy to the residents of Laman Khaira. One user even said, “You are the best sister! Pampering the folks and bringing them joy. May your life always be blessed.”

Another user marveled at the grandpa’s muscle memory, applauding his skills with, “We can learn a lot from this grandfather; we don’t lose anything.”

On a slightly sentimental note, a few users mentioned how the video brought back memories of their own grandpas, whom they dearly miss. Who knew a playful boxing match could stir up such warm feelings? Grandparents, the real MVPs!

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