Something big is happening with chicken prices in Malaysia, and we want to break it down for you. The Agriculture and Food Security Minister recently shared that from November 1, the prices of chicken will no longer have government subsidies. Let’s explore why and what this means for us.

Source: The Star

Why Stop Subsidies?

The government believes it’s time to stop giving discounts on chicken because the supply and prices have become more stable. They want to make sure that the discounts are only for the people who really need them.

Watching the Prices: Government’s Job

Don’t worry too much about prices skyrocketing. The government promises to keep a close eye on chicken prices with the help of another ministry. They also have plans in place to make sure chicken stays affordable for us.

Promises from the Chicken People

The minister had a chat with the folks who sell chicken, and they promised not to make prices jump too much. But, he also warned us not to rush and buy a lot of chicken at once because that might make the prices go up.

What About Eggs?

Good news for egg lovers – the prices and discounts on eggs will stay the same. If the discounts on eggs were removed, an egg might cost a bit more, but it won’t break the bank.

Government Money Facts

Since February 2022, the government spent a lot of money, about RM3.8 billion, to help us buy cheaper eggs and chicken. The Prime Minister says it’s time to stop spending so much because things are more stable now.

What to Remember

As things change, it’s important to stay in the loop. The government is trying to make sure we can still afford chicken, and they have plans to keep prices from going too high. Keep an eye out for more updates and check the original story on The Star for all the details.

Note: This article is a summary of information from The Star. For the full details, please check the original source.

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