“Chill, It’s Just a Laugh” – China Tourist Shrugs Off Malaysian Food Backlash

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You know Malaysians, we take our food very, very seriously. So, when a foreigner critiques our beloved nasi lemak or laksa, we tend to go into full defense mode. But hey, everyone’s got their own taste buds, right?

So, here comes 蒋大好困Winnie, a Chinese tourist, with her spicy take on Malaysian cuisine. She didn’t quite vibe with Ah Cheng Laksa and decided to share her not-so-sweet experience on XiaoHongShu.

According to her, the restaurant had a funky smell, and the food was, let’s say, not her cup of tea. In a video, she even demonstrated how she had to close her nose to eat, making it seem like a Michelin star experience.

“This Malaysian restaurant stinks, I can only eat like this (closes her nose with her fingers). I can’t eat it,” she dramatically announced while grappling with a bowl of Asam Laksa.

Not stopping there, she went for Rojak and Ice Kacang. Her comments about Rojak were epic: “What is this dish called? ‘Rajak’. I asked the waiter what it was, he said fruit. I couldn’t communicate with him in English and I ordered another dish. Pineapple with soy sauce.”

As for the Ice Kacang, it seems she found it as confusing as a crossword puzzle in Swahili. She concluded, “The strawberry slush tastes like essential oil balm. After eating this meal, how to say, this taste is… this taste is… you can eat it yourself.”

Her friend found this hilarious and recorded the whole comedy show.

But the plot thickens when she realizes she’s gone viral in Malaysia. Now, Malaysians weren’t too thrilled with her critique, and some left comments that were more fiery than a sambal belacan.

In her defense, she expressed that she meant no harm and was just having a good laugh. She wondered why Malaysians were taking it so seriously, stating, “If they (Malaysians) say that stinky tofu is smelly and eat it with their noses covered, I will not feel disrespected. I really don’t know why they have so much hate.”

She questioned the media’s use of her image and clarified she’s not a food critic but just someone who enjoys talking about talk shows and dreams of being a comedy character. In a nutshell, she was just sharing her hilarious life moments.

In the meantime, Malaysian netizens kept the patriotic flame alive, defending our food and Ah Cheng Laksa from this unintended comedic critic. They argued that she was merely a pawn in the media’s game to expose the franchise. Well, looks like the food feud is on!

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