“Compassionate Act: Singaporean Girl Rescues Stuck Gecko at Kranji War Memorial” 

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A young lady from Singapore recently rescued a gecko that found itself stuck in a wire mesh net at the Kranji War Memorial in Northern Singapore. The heartwarming incident was shared on the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook page by the girl’s father, Sunnie Chow. Initially mistaking the creature for a small frog, the girl, while passing by a pipe covering, later realized it was a gecko trapped between holes in the wire mesh. 

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Sunnie Chow expressed his pride in his daughter for her compassionate act. The rescue took place at the Kranji War Memorial, where the young lady noticed the gecko impaled on metal wire spikes within the mesh. Determined to help, she used a small tool to carefully cut the wire mesh netting, freeing the gecko. With a closer examination, she confirmed it was indeed a gecko and not a frog. 

The rescue video, shared by Chow, captures the girl’s efforts to free the reptile. After successfully cutting the mesh, she gently placed the gecko in the nearby bushes, hoping it would recover fully from the ordeal. This act of kindness not only saved a small wildlife creature from potential harm but also showcased the importance of empathy towards the animals we share our surroundings with. 

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