Raccoon Becomes Best Buddies with Malaysian Girl at Seri Kembangan Zoo, Winning Hearts Nationwide

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Zoo trips often introduce us to animals we might not encounter in our daily lives, creating unique and memorable experiences. For one Malaysian girl, a recent visit to Seri Kembangan’s Farm In The City zoo turned into an unexpectedly heartwarming and delightful encounter.

A TikTok video, shared by Malaysian content creator Athirah Mohamad, also known as Ummi on her social media, has been creating a buzz online. The clip features Ummi carrying a raccoon from the zoo in a brief yet heartwarming interaction.

In the video posted on her page @userrrrr0424, Ummi picks up the raccoon from a handler and cradles it gently. Almost instantly, the raccoon extends towards Ummi, hovering over her shoulder once she securely holds the creature. Every bit adorable, the raccoon bonds with the girl, even reaching out to give her kisses and hugs.

As Ummi playfully strokes the raccoon’s back, the creature seems to thoroughly enjoy the attention.

“Carrying a raccoon is like carrying a three-year-old child,” Ummi mentions in the caption, emphasizing the affectionate nature of the interaction.

Curiosity arises in the comments section, with many users asking about the raccoon’s weight. Ummi reveals that it weighs more than 10kgs, as informed by the zoo ranger.

The raccoon’s charm and beauty captivated many Malaysians, expressing their desire to visit the zoo and have a similar experience. Some even shared regrets about missing such an opportunity during their past zoo visits.

Lightening the mood, one user humorously commented, “Why didn’t you spank his backside, it looks so fluffy!” adding a playful touch to the heartwarming story.

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dukung raccoon macam dukung budak 3 tahun (p/s: my all time fav shawl from @Covered Scarf 🫰🏻🫰🏻)

♬ nhạc nền – 1999_1885 – 🤍

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