Exciting News for Malaysian Travelers! 

It’s disheartening to see such high numbers of unemployed graduates. The disconnect among the Education Ministry, universities, students, and employers is indeed a critical issue that needs urgent attention. Addressing this problem requires collaboration and a shared responsibility among all stakeholders. 

source : the malaysian reserve

Guess what? Soon, we might be able to hop over to Russia without needing a visa! Can you believe it? Alexander Zimin, the Deputy Chief of the Russian Embassy in Malaysia, just spilled the beans that Russia is in the mood to welcome Malaysian tourists without the visa hassle. 


He mentioned that both countries are in talks about this agreement. It’s like planning a fancy dinner, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Zimin couldn’t contain his excitement as he shared that this agreement is a big deal—it’ll make traveling to Russia a breeze. It’s like being a VIP, you know! 

They are currently drafting an agreement that will change the game for Malaysian tourists heading to Russia. In a recent event in Moscow, they announced the formation of a Special Working Group on tourism. Pretty cool, huh? 

During the event, they emphasized that tourism is a crucial aspect of their collaboration in economics, science, technology, and culture. Wow, tourism is the superstar among their 11 key cooperation sectors. 

So, get ready, folks! We might soon witness Malaysian travelers strolling around the Kremlin without worrying about visas. Let’s pack our bags and head to Russia! 

Note: This article is an original information from the malaysian reserve and For the full details, please check the original source.

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