Daring Job Alert: Malaysian Offers RM1.5k to Bathe His Crocs Monthly!

Source: The Sun

Credit – @khairuljohari27/TikTok

In a jaw-dropping job offer that requires a mix of bravery and reptilian passion, an exotic animal breeder took to TikTok to find someone bold enough to look after his crocodiles. For a monthly rate of RM1,500, the lucky candidate gets to embark on the wild journey of cleaning the crocs’ cage, brushing their teeth, and giving them a bath.

Khairul Johari, the crocodile aficionado, presented the unique job as an “easy gig” in a hilarious video. The responsibilities involve three tasks, emphasizing the need for a helping hand during his frequent outstation trips, especially with his wife expecting.

Adding a quirky touch, Khairul specifies that applicants need their own insurance, cheekily noting that his crocs are quite “loving.” However, there’s a twist—Khairul is specifically seeking single women for the job, leaving many curious about the reason behind this peculiar preference.

Netizens couldn’t resist the allure of the unique job posting, with some expressing their interest, albeit cautiously due to the fearsome nature of the reptiles. Dive into the wild side with this one-of-a-kind employment opportunity!

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