Foreigner Delighted to Purchase ‘Fake’ Gucci Wallet for RM100 at Petaling Street

Source:  @ricxxxkiddo (X)

As widely known, Petaling Street stands out as a tourist hotspot in Kuala Lumpur. For Malaysians, it’s common knowledge that various items sold there are incredibly cheap, albeit not authentic.

Recently, a video went viral featuring a foreigner inquiring about the price of a Gucci wallet at one of the shops in Petaling Street. Initially interested in a snake-patterned Gucci wallet, he changed his mind upon learning it was priced at RM285, considering it more expensive than the genuine Gucci store.

Surprisingly, he engaged in bargaining with the seller. Eventually, he decided to purchase the snake-patterned Gucci wallet, offering RM100 to the seller. With joyous acceptance, the seller agreed to the transaction, leaving both parties satisfied with the deal.

Video :

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