From Lion City to Kiwi Farm: Singaporean’s Adventure Down Under

Source: TikTok | @dee.n4h

Hey, folks! Ever thought of leaving the hustle and bustle of city life and trying something totally wild? Well, our friend Dinah did just that! She hopped on a plane and landed on a farm in New Zealand. Let me spill the beans on how it all went down.

So, Dinah spilled the tea on TikTok (@dee.n4h), sharing her journey from Singapore to a farm in Flaxmere, New Zealand. First things first, she got herself a Working Holiday Visa. Malaysians, take note – you’ll need the Malaysian Working Holiday Visa. Check out New Zealand’s Immigration Department website for the deets.

Dinah spilled the tea, saying she brought four must-have items to her walk-in interview: passport, visa, New Zealand tax number (IRD), and a Kiwi bank account. She aced the interview, and bam! She was on the farm clocking in at 7 am sharp every day.

Now, let’s talk about her first day. It wasn’t your usual “first day at the office” scenario. Nope, she jumped right into on-the-job training and got her hands dirty on the farm. And get this – her workday is from 7 am to 1 pm. Short and sweet, just the way we like it.

Why did she do it, you ask? Well, Dinah spilled more tea, saying she wanted to break free from the comfy, stable life in Singapore. She felt there was something more out there, and you know what? She went for it! Now, that’s the spirit!

But hold on, she’s not Kiwi-bound forever. Dinah plans to head back to Singapore when her visa says, “Time’s up!” But don’t be surprised if she’s back in New Zealand for round two soon.

And it’s not all work and no play, folks. Dinah’s been living her best life in New Zealand. She’s been kayaking, chasing waterfalls, and soaking in all that Kiwi goodness. Now, that’s what I call an adventure!

So, if you ever dream of swapping skyscrapers for sheep, take a page from Dinah’s book. Who knows, the next viral TikTok might be your farmyard escapade! Until then, keep dreaming, keep exploring!

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