“He Cheated Because He Was Bullied in School” – Aliff Aziz’s Sister Reveals His Pain and Need for Help

Source: Instagram | @aishah_aziz

There’s always a reason behind people’s actions, whether it’s to protect themselves, seek happiness, or cope with past trauma. But when it comes to marriage, is there ever a justification for cheating?

Aliff Aziz’s sister, Aisyah, recently opened up about the struggles in Aliff and Bella Astillah’s marriage. In her Instagram story @aisyaah_aziz, Aisyah explained that her brother’s infidelity is a coping mechanism for dealing with past trauma.

Instagram | @aishah_aziz
Instagram | @aishah_aziz

“He cheated because he was bullied in school,” she stated.

According to Aisyah, instead of criticizing Aliff, people should offer their support during this difficult time because “he is clearly in need of help.” Despite Aliff’s success and fame, his journey hasn’t been easy. She compared his situation to that of Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, both of whom faced significant challenges despite their early stardom.

“He went from surviving bullies in school to achieving stardom at 16. You see how dysfunctional Justin Bieber and Chris Brown are? That could be what’s happening to Aliff,” Aisyah explained.

While Aisyah acknowledges that her brother’s actions are wrong, she urges the public to understand his struggles and pray for his healing, as well as for Bella’s well-being.

“I hope you can find a tiny space in your heart now as you read this to make a small prayer for him, that he finds his way into healing.”

In a recent interview, Aliff admitted that he cheated because he felt “empty” inside.

“I couldn’t appreciate what I had, I couldn’t control myself.”

When asked if he cheated 11 times, Aliff couldn’t provide an exact answer, as he hadn’t kept track. As of now, Aliff has accepted Bella’s decisions regarding their relationship.

Trauma can profoundly impact individuals. Regardless of the reasons behind the actions, we hope both Aliff and Bella find peace and can move forward to better things in life.
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