“He wants to separate from the problem, but the problem doesn’t want to leave him.” -Netizen

Source: Tiktok | losttwayy

Have you ever been told to do something unwillingly? Would you do it or just let it be?

There’s a viral video where a man seems reluctant to throw away a box, and the whole incident is recorded on CCTV.

What catches attention is the man’s style and action as he walks carrying an empty box, and when he throws the box, it’s like he’s throwing away his stress.

He throws the box not in the right direction, and it flies backward, forcing him to retrieve it.

Most netizens find amusement in the man’s antics, as if he dislikes throwing away the box.

The man’s friend recorded the video of the incident, and it eventually went viral on TikTok, garnering thousands of views from netizens.


saya juga pandai sapu lantai guna rambut kawan

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