Here’s a much-awaited tip for many Malaysians! A guy shared a tip on how to avoid encounters with monkey gangs.

Source: Tiktok | syafiqbibs

The presence of wild animals like monkeys and dogs can surely pose a problem for us.

Wild monkeys are often seen in certain areas and are considered pests because they damage crops and invade homes.

Usually, when you come face to face with a group of monkeys, you’d feel anxious and the instinctive reaction is to run, right?

However, you might want to try the tip shared by this man if you suddenly encounter a group of wild monkeys.

According to TikTok user @syafiqbibs, if someone faces wild monkeys that seem ready to attack, the first thing to do is to hold onto any item in hand.

Then, slowly retreat while keeping an eye on their leader. At this point, the group of monkeys will start to take steps by calling out for their ‘big brother’ to confront the human.

When you see the wild animal showing signs of aggression, raise the item held and make a throwing gesture.

He said, repeat the same throwing gesture while retreating to a safer place.

“Keep looking, give a warning,” he wrote.

However, if you spot a group of wild monkeys from afar, immediately leave the area. He said the method he shared can be used in emergencies like the situation he demonstrated.

You can use this tip if attacked by wild monkeys. But, if you can avoid it from the start, let’s avoid it.

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