Homeowner Provides Free Toilet Access for Drivers Facing Traffic Jams – “Great Rewards for Making Things Easy”

Source ; Tiktok | r.nissss

As everyone knows, traffic congestion has been ongoing since last Friday until yesterday, Sunday.

This is due to people returning home after celebrating Eid in their hometowns. Some may have also traveled to visit relatives far away.

Because of this, traffic jams are happening on highways everywhere. Even rest stop bathrooms are full.

However, a video on TikTok went viral showing a host providing free access to their bathroom for drivers stuck in front of their house due to traffic jams.

Free bathrooms provided by the host for the public

Not only are the highways jammed, but even village roads are experiencing traffic congestion.

Therefore, the homeowner took the initiative to allow the public to use the bathroom in their home.

Even though being kind was met with poop, the homeowner stayed cool, even offering a phone charging spot and a place to pray.

Congratulations to the kind soul, good people!

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