Copycat Alert: ‘Sambal Nyet Khairi’ Founder Faces Backlash for Imitating Khairul Aming’s Fiery Creation

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In recent buzz, the creator of ‘Sambal Nyet Khairi’ has stirred up anger as netizens accuse him of copying Khairul Aming’s famous spicy sambal nyet.

This revelation unfolded when an X app user noticed that the packaging and stickers of the sambal were identical to Khairul Aming’s product.

Even the card included with ‘Sambal Nyet Khairi’ displayed a message acknowledging the support from buyers.

Image via @cheajibsayang (X)

“You are an important motivation for us to continue striving to produce quality products that are loved by the community.” the message read.

Image via @cheajibsayang (X)

Surprisingly, despite the controversy, ‘Sambal Nyet Khairi,’ accused of imitating Khairul Aming’s creation, has gained significant attention and sales on online platforms.

What’s more intriguing is that due to this copycat situation, many have mistakenly purchased the imitation sambal nyet, thinking it’s the original product from Khairul Aming.

Image via sambalnyetkhairi (Shopee)

With over 800 units sold on Shopee and more than 2800 units on TikTok Shop, the imitated sambal nyet has created a buzz, leaving many scratching their heads.

Image via sambalnyetkhairi (Shopee)

As netizens express their frustration on the X app, some are urging Khairul Aming to take legal action against the creator of ‘Sambal Nyet Khairi.’

This serves as a reminder to always be cautious when making online purchases and to support original creators and their authentic products. Have you ever encountered a similar situation? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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