Intruder Shot Dead After Killing 2 Officers at JB Police Station

Source: SAYS

A masked intruder who killed two officers and injured another during a daring attack at the Ulu Tiram police station in Johor Bahru this morning has been shot dead.

The New Straits Times reported that the suspect was killed at the scene.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Razarudin Hussain is expected to hold a press conference at 10.30am today.

Johor police chief Commissioner M Kumar confirmed that the masked assailant attacked the Ulu Tiram police station earlier today.

Earlier reports indicated that the suspect stole two firearms and fired multiple shots at one officer, injuring him in the abdomen and shoulder, while slashing another officer on the back of the neck with a machete.

In total, two policemen were killed, and another was injured in the pre-dawn attack.

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