“Is that a gun?” – Taiwanese Content Creator Missing After Live Streaming at Job Scam Victims’ Hostel in Cambodia

Source: World of Buzz

In the realm of job scams across Asia, where dangerous syndicates operate in places like Thailand and Cambodia, one would think twice before venturing alone into such perilous territories. However, a Taiwanese content creator threw caution to the wind, and now he’s missing.

The adventurous creator, known by his Facebook handle 晚安小雞, is suspected to have disappeared after live streaming from a hostel for job scam victims in Cambodia. The 70-minute livestream, posted on the 3rd day of CNY, showed him exploring the perimeter of the hostel, delving into dark and seemingly abandoned areas.

The climax came when he spotted someone carrying what seemed to be a gun, sending shivers down his spine. The livestream took a dark turn as his footsteps gave away his presence, and he found himself hiding nervously in a corner, eventually breaking down in tears.

“I just wanted to share the place here with all of you. I never expected things to end like this.”

As patrolmen, armed with flashlights and guns, combed the area, he whispered, “Please don’t open fire.” His attempts to escape were thwarted, and he ended up on the ground, seemingly in pain, before the screen faded to black.

In the latest video posted by his wife and friends on his Facebook account, they revealed the concerning truth that they have had no contact with him.

“We tried contacting him, but he is unreachable.”

His wife expressed their attempts to seek help from authorities and the local tour guide, desperately waiting for any updates on his condition.

“There’s nothing we can do now, except to wait.” The mystery deepens as the fate of the Taiwanese content creator hangs in the balance.

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