Raya Fiesta in Kedah Shuts Down After Azwan Ali aka Diva AA Performs Dangdut on Stage

Source ; TikTok | @saifulnizam769
Imagine you’re at a Raya Fiesta, soaking in the vibes, when suddenly, the party comes to an unexpected halt. Why? Well, picture this: Azwan Ali, brother of Azmin Ali, decides to crash the stage and start belting out Dangdut tunes. Yep, chaos ensued!

The video of Azwan’s impromptu performance went viral faster than you can say “Raya”, leaving Malaysians scratching their heads in disbelief. The person who shared the video on TikTok, @saifulnizam769, couldn’t believe his eyes. Azwan, also known as Diva AA, wasn’t alone in his shenanigans; he had a crew of hype men backing him up.

As word spread like wildfire, the fiesta organisers found themselves in hot water. They quickly issued an apology on Facebook, explaining that Diva AA wasn’t on the guest list. Turns out, he was tagged along by another TikToker who had a stall at the event. Talk about crashing the party uninvited!

The closure of the fiesta didn’t sit well with everyone. Eira Aziera, an influencer and vendor at the event, poured her heart out on TikTok, lamenting the fate of vendors who lost out on potential earnings due to the abrupt shutdown.

Source: Facebook | Fiesta Raya Baling

But Diva AA wasn’t about to take the blame lying down. In a fiery response on TikTok, he made it clear that he’s all about the cash and the fame. After all, as long as his face is plastered on the posters, who cares where he performs, right?

Now, the burning question: Should other vendors bear the brunt of Azwan’s antics? Let’s hear what you think in the comments below!

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Lain macam sambutan di bulan Ramadan ampa.. Kat mana ni?

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