Malaysian Student’s Hilarious Attempt to Skip PJK by Summoning Rain Goes Viral

Source: TikTok | @srkhha

Remember the excitement of escaping the classroom for Physical and Health Education (PJK)? For most students, it’s a break from uniforms and a chance to enjoy the outdoors. However, one Malaysian student seems to have a different take on it.

In a recent viral TikTok video posted by a teacher (@srrkhaa), a boy is seen earnestly praying, hoping to dodge the PJK session. The comical clip has captured the attention of netizens as the boy attempts to make it rain, and his perceived success leaves him feeling like he achieved a genuine victory.

According to the teacher, Kha, who shared the video with WORLD OF BUZZ, it was already on the brink of raining. To humor the boy, she decided to play along and pretend he had indeed summoned the rain.

In the video, the boy stands with his arms wide open, trying to invoke the rain. Surprisingly, the weather seems to comply in the second part of the video. Despite the teacher’s encouragement to seek shelter, the cheeky boy persists with his hands raised high.

Amid laughter, the teacher asks the boy how he managed to make it rain, and the boy responds with a hilarious gesture, saying, “like this.”

Netizens flooded the comment section, sharing their thoughts on the adorable yet amusing attempt by the boy to avoid PJK. The video serves as a lighthearted reminder of the creativity and humor that students bring to the school experience.

video :


Dalam ramai- ramai, mesti ada sorang anak murid lain dari yang lain😂taknak pj punya pasal, awan mendung dia dah start connected dgn alam #kerenahmurid

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Replying to @zaashinan80 Akhirnya PJ postponed gara-gara dia seru hujan🤣 sebenarnya memang dah hujan rintik2 sebelum tu dan waktu direcord mmg berderet petang hujan je dalam seminggu. Just gelagat dia tuuu mendepa tangan tengah feeling p/s: I already got his parents permission for this content #kerenahmurid

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