Malaysia’s First Bullet Factory to Employ 70% Local Workforce!

Source: Berita Harian

In a surprising turn of events, Malaysia is gearing up for its first-ever bullet factory, and guess what? It’s going to be a local affair! Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Mohamad, the Deputy Minister of Human Resources, spilled the beans that Ketech Asia Sdn Bhd, situated in the charming Kampung Kechau Tui, Padang Tengku, is all set to rock with a whopping 70% local workforce.

In a Facebook post that got everyone buzzing, the factory is ready to dish out approximately 1,500 job opportunities in phases once it’s fully operational. Talk about bullet-speed job creation – pun intended!

Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Mohamad, the Deputy Minister of Human Resources, spilled the details, revealing that in the initial phase of operations, 15 local engineering graduates from the area were sent to Turkey for training in defense equipment manufacturing by the factory’s management.

These trained engineers are about to become the unsung heroes, passing on their skills to the new local recruits like a bullet of knowledge. Their expertise will cover manufacturing aspects, including equipment usage, maintenance, management, and production – the whole shebang!

“I reminded the company to prioritize hiring locals first, and only then consider external talent. They’ve pledged that 70% of the workforce here will be locals,” he declared after his visit to the factory in Kechau Tui, approximately 35 kilometers from here, today.

Abdul Rahman, also the Member of Parliament for Lipis, emphasized that job opportunities are still wide open in various fields such as engineering, technical roles, production management, office management, clerical work, and security.

In a Facebook post by Abdul Rahman, he mentioned his long-standing desire to turn Lipis into a Defense City since 2020, and the first bullet factory in Malaysia is set to be the first stride in that direction.

As reported by Berita Harian, the factory is being constructed in three phases, with each phase involving an allocation of RM400 million. The entire project is a whopping RM1.2 billion endeavor.

“The bullet factory, located on a 40.5-hectare site and expected to be fully operational by the end of this year, will contribute to the realization of Defense City. Currently, we import 100% of our bullets, so with this factory, we can produce our own ammunition,” he exclaimed.

Looks like Malaysia is gearing up for a bulletproof future, one job opportunity at a time!


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