Michelle Yeoh spilled the tea on her divorce saga in a recent chat with Gwyneth Paltrow on The goop Podcast. 

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The action star revealed that the main showstopper in her past marriage was the inability to have kids, a deal-breaker for her ex, Dickson Poon, who had dreams of a bustling family life.

Despite bending over backward, Yeoh found herself in the no-kids zone due to physical constraints. Blame it on their hectic schedules and the frequent flyer miles racked up for work that threw a wrench into their four-year marital bliss.

Yeoh, who took the plunge at 28, unveiled that her mum’s fondest desire was for her to settle down. “Find a good man, settle down, and live the good life,” seemed to be the mantra of the maternal generation. But alas, life had different plans.

Talking about the struggles, Yeoh painted a vivid picture of the challenges of a relationship on wheels. “When you’re globe-trotting for work, catching up becomes a sporadic affair. Balancing becomes the real-life Jenga game,” she confessed.

Gwyneth, ever the inquisitor, dove into the emotional abyss, asking about Yeoh’s feelings on not being a mom. Unveiling a layer of sadness, Yeoh admitted that the sentiment lingered, despite the passage of time.

Reflecting on the tough journey, Yeoh expressed that divorce was the beacon at the end of a tumultuous tunnel. It was about letting go of illusions and facing reality. Fast forward to today, and Yeoh and her ex are like two peas in a pod, sharing the responsibility of raising his eldest as she dons the godmother hat.

In the love department, Yeoh found her silver lining with longtime beau Jean Todt. The duo sealed the deal in a romantic escapade in Geneva, Switzerland, celebrating over 19 years of togetherness. And, if you thought that was all, Yeoh has expanded her godmother duties to six adorable kids and recently earned the title of grandma when Todt’s son welcomed a bundle of joy. Talk about a plot twist in the romance novel of Michelle Yeoh’s life!

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