M’sian Baristas Take Latte Art to the Next Level: Blindfolded Chaos Ensues!

Source: TikTok | @kuwabrew

Life without coffee is like… well, we have no idea because coffee is life! And while we enjoy our daily cuppa, have you ever wondered about the Herculean efforts baristas put in to make those intricate latte art designs? Well, a coffee joint in Kuala Terengganu, Kuwa Coffee, decided to spice things up, or should we say foam things up?

In a hilarious TikTok video (@kuwabrew), the brave souls at Kuwa Coffee took on the Latte Art Challenge. The catch? They had to do it blindfolded! Yep, you read that right – blindfolded baristas attempting to create coffee art. What could go wrong?

The manager led the charge, crafting a surprisingly decent flower pattern on her latte. Impressive, right? But hold your caffeine, because the rest of the crew had their own ideas. The chef seemed to embrace a more avant-garde approach, pouring foam with wild abandon, while others created abstract masterpieces that looked more like blobs than art.

As the foam settled, a caption on the video playfully declared, “So, who is the winner? No one!” It was all in good fun, and the online community appreciated the baristas’ spirit, even if the latte art was a bit… abstract.

While opinions on the “winner” varied, the manager stole the show with her surprisingly graceful blindfolded latte art. One witty commenter joked, “After this, the manager can say that she’s able to do this with her eyes closed – literally!”

Coffee, chaos, and a good dose of humor – that’s how Kuwa Coffee brewed up a TikTok storm, proving that even blindfolded, their passion for coffee art shines through!


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