M’sian Youths Practising Lion Dance Amazes Millions

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Lion dancers deserve more recognition for their dedication and hard work during training sessions.

A recent video showcasing two young Malaysian lion dancers practicing their acrobatic routine has garnered over 78 million views on YouTube. The one-minute YouTube Short captures the teenagers rehearsing without their lion costumes at a shopping mall in Johor Bahru before showcasing their routine at a competition in front of an audience and judges.

The video is remarkable as it showcases the boys’ agility and precision as they navigate high poles with finesse. Despite not wearing their traditional costumes, they skillfully execute jumps and swings in the air with only a waistband around one dancer’s waist.

Uploaded by YouTube user @willtravelforliondance, known for sharing lion dance competition videos from Malaysia and Singapore, this recording has become the channel’s most viewed video to date.

These talented dancers are part of the Malaysian Xuan Long troupe and participated in the 1st KSL Esplanade Mall Cup Acrobatic Lion Dance Championship in July 2023.

Viewers worldwide flooded the comments section with praises, expressing newfound admiration for the art of lion dancing.

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