“I’m Their Only Uncle” – Malaysian Man Sneaks Late-Night Snacks for Nephews & Niece Even When Mum Says No

Source: TikTok (@murrgun) 

What does being an uncle mean to you? For some, it’s about being there to guide and support their nieces and nephews as they grow, creating cherished memories along the way.

In a heartwarming video shared by @murrgun / @murrgaan, he shows what being an uncle means to him.

He’s the Only Man in the Family!

In the video, Murrgaan expresses that being an uncle means sneaking late-night snacks to his nephews and niece, even when their mum says no.

Murrgaan shared that he has three older sisters, all married, making him the only uncle in the family.

“I Cherish Being a Part of Their Lives”

Murrgaan has four nephews and two nieces, and being their only uncle comes with its fair share of benefits and fun.

“I have 4 nephews and 2 nieces, and being their only uncle is a lot of fun!”

He revealed that his relationship with his nephews and nieces is very special because they share many fun moments together, and he cherishes every bit of them.

“Creating Core Memories, One Sneaky Snack at a Time”

Murrgaan mentioned that what he loves most about being an uncle is creating memorable experiences with his nephews and nieces, like sneaking late-night snacks.

He expressed how these little adventures strengthen their bond and create lasting memories for them.

“They visit me and my parents every weekend, and they always quietly ask me for the snacks they want. They know if their parents say no, I’ll be the one to sneak it for them,” he added.

He explained that it’s all part of the experience, including getting scolded by his sisters, which he finds just part of the fun!

Netizens flooded the comment section to praise Murrgaan for being such a great uncle to his nephews and nieces!

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