New MALARIA? Are we aware of this?  

source : Utusan Malaysia

A man in his twenties in Peru got sick from a new virus that has never been seen before. He showed up at the Hospital De La Merced Chanchamayo in the middle of Peru in June 2019 with symptoms like fever, headache, sensitivity to light, chills, and muscle and joint pain.

It’s unclear if the construction worker recovered from the illness, initially thought to be malaria and dengue. However, scientists who examined his blood samples warned that the virus might have spread from a forested area in central Peru.

Lab tests conducted by researchers at the United States Marine Corps Medical Research Unit in Lima detected Candiru phlebovirus in the blood sample. However, the virus segment showed differences from the Candiru virus that couldn’t be explained by virus mutations, indicating that the man was infected with a new virus.

Analysis suggests that the pathogen formed when the Candiru virus recombined with a new strain of the Echarate virus.

Therefore, the scientific team urges health authorities to monitor the virus behind malaria-like symptoms to detect emerging infections and protect public health.

Information about the study on the disease caused by the new virus was published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases recently.

“Phlebovirus can be spread by sand flies, mosquitoes, or ticks. Rift Valley Fever is the most well-known disease caused by phlebovirus. Those infected with the virus may experience life-threatening fever, bleeding from the mouth, eyes, and ears, as well as internal organ issues,” explains the study.

So far, only three cases of phlebovirus causing fever have been detected in Peru, and the UK Health Security Agency also emphasizes the need to monitor patients with fever symptoms in response to the discovery of the new virus.

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