“OMG, RM16 for a Burger?!” – Malaysian Foodie Shocked at TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar Prices, Calls it T20 Bazaar

Source: TikTok | @melissawong96

Alright, folks, gather ’round Ramadhan Bazaar enthusiasts! With just around 20 days left until the big day, how many bazaars have you explored? And more importantly, are you satisfied with the food and prices?

Now, let’s talk turkey – or rather, burgers and beverages. Our dear Malaysian content creator, Marissa, took a trip to the renowned Ramadhan Bazaar in TTDI, and boy, was she in for a ride! And we’re not just talking about the scrumptious grub, but also the jaw-dropping prices!

“Can you believe it? One burger for RM16, no fries, no drinks! Say what?!”

Marissa couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw that a simple cup of beverage was priced at a whopping RM8!

“I know ‘8’ is considered lucky for some, but not for my wallet,” she quipped.

Back in the day, you could snag some delicious popiahs for less than RM5, but Marissa found herself shelling out RM6 for them at the TTDI bazaar. Shocking, right? Well, hold on to your hats, because there’s more where that came from.

Marissa stumbled upon a burger stall charging an arm and a leg – a whopping RM16 for a single burger, mind you, without any fries or drinks included!

“I get that people are hungry and willing to splurge a little, but come on, isn’t this a bit much?” she exclaimed.

In her caption, Marissa cheekily referred to the TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar as the “T20 bazaar.” Is it all about the bottom line now?

Marissa revealed that it wasn’t her first rodeo at the TTDI bazaar, but it was definitely the first time she was taken aback by the “content” – or rather, the prices – of the place.

“I was here last year, and it wasn’t this bonkers. The prices this year are just plain ridiculous.”

Marissa also noted that compared to her previous visit, there seemed to be fewer food options this time around. And when it came to pricing, she couldn’t shake off the feeling that this year, it’s all about making a quick buck.

“Last year, the vendors offered a wider variety. This time, it feels like they’re just in it for the profit. It’s kinda sad, isn’t it?”

So, fellow foodies, what’s your take on the pricing at the TTDI Ramadhan Bazaar and other bazaars in general? Which spot has been your top pick so far? Share your thoughts!


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