Disturbing Increase in Sexual Harassment Cases Raises Concerns

Source : The Rakyat Post

The alarming rise in sexual harassment cases within the country is causing growing concern every day. Individuals with no moral compass seem to be increasingly bold in committing these heinous acts against unsuspecting victims, even in public places.

Typically, these perpetrators target women who appear to be alone, especially in secluded areas. Such an incident recently occurred when a woman found herself involved in a sexual harassment case.

Woman Faces Sexual Harassment While Jogging Alone

A TikTok post shared on the account @nurananajihah captures the tense moments experienced by a woman known as Najihah while jogging alone in the residential area around Damansara Damai, Selangor.

According to Najihah, she noticed a man on a motorcycle following her several times while she was exercising alone in that area. After a while, the man stopped in front of her to ask a question. Due to fear and concern, Najihah answered the question casually and left the area.

Man Masturbates After Approaching the Woman

The harassment did not end there; the man approached Najihah again after lurking around the same spot for the fourth time. To her shock, the man then allegedly opened his pants and masturbated while looking at Najihah. Feeling unsafe, Najihah immediately ran away from the area.

“I was really scared at that moment. He slowly unzipped his pants, apparently wanting to masturbate. It was really creepy. I just left,” Najihah recounted.

In her closing message, Najihah advised the public to be cautious, especially in such locations.

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