Say goodbye to the girlboss: The ‘snail girl era’ is here, encouraging young women to live a slower, more relaxed lifestyle 

The era of celebrating the “girlboss” as a feminist icon has evolved, with Gen Z introducing the “snail girl” trend. Coined by Sienna Ludbey in a September Fashion Journal article, the “snail girl” prioritizes a slower, more joyful life, rejecting the pressures of hustle culture.  

Source: The Star

Ludbey, a designer and founder of Hello Sisi, declared her transition from a “girlboss” to embracing the “snail girl” era after the pandemic. She highlighted the newfound focus on personal fulfillment over the constant need to project success.  

Teenager girl during homeschooling

In the “snail girl” era, individuals take their time, resisting the fast-paced world and running their own race, even if it leads them home and back to bed. This shift comes as young people question the traditional narrative of success, recognizing the toll of burnout at work.  

Michelle P. King, Netflix’s former director of diversity and inclusion and author of “How Work Works,” sees parallels between the “girlboss” and Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In” concept. Both imply that women need to change to compete with men, a notion King deems inherently misogynistic.  

The scrutiny of the “girlboss” concept reflects a broader reevaluation of the pursuit of workplace success, with the “snail girl” trend championing a slower, more authentic approach to life.  

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