‘Spider-Man’ Spotted Selling Coconut Ice Cream On A Boat In Thailand

Source: Tiktok

In Thailand, there’s a local vendor dressed up as Spider-Man, spotted selling ice cream from a boat.

Content creator Travis Leon Price caught this unique sight when he saw the ‘superhero’ on a small boat approaching him in the middle of the ocean.

When the vendor arrived, he greeted the tourist with a ‘wai’ (a traditional Thai greeting where two palms are pressed together with a slight bow) before reaching out for a fist bump.

On his boat, there’s a big stainless steel container filled with coconut ice cream, which the ‘superhero’ sells and serves to tourists.

In the comments section, netizens shared that they’ve seen Spidey or a version of him in other parts of Thailand.

Others on TikTok mentioned spotting an ice cream seller dressed as Spider-Man on Cheow Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand.

It’s unclear if they are all the same guy or just different versions of Spider-Man from alternate universes.

But one thing’s for sure — they all sell coconut ice cream.

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Thailand 😜 Spiderman delivery ice cream on the boat 😋🍦 📍Cheow lan lake (1 day tour ) PINTU GERBANG GUILING (stop for phoro ). #amaizingthail #krabi #เที่ยวไทย #тай

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