Sucking on Magic Mushroom Flavored Vape, Man Goes Wild, Aggressive & Loony for 14 Days

Source: TikTok | hasnanrili

Electronic devices containing nicotine or better known as vape are now sold in various designs and appealing flavors that can confuse young people. Despite its dangers being widely known, more and more youngsters dare to try the latest flavors without realizing that some of them contain prohibited synthetic substances.

Like being possessed & going beyond limits…Squirming wildly

Recently, an Islamic nurse revealed an incident where a young man in his 20s underwent drastic identity changes after consuming Magic Mushroom flavored vape. Initially, exorcism had to be performed as he appeared to be possessed. With no improvement after 2 days of treatment, the family finally took him to a treatment center for further examination.

Upon check-up, all negative for prohibited substances

Administering calming medication failed to pacify the man. In fact, his legs and arms had to be tied to the bed as he squirmed incessantly. Before entering this phase, he became aggressive, almost attacking his wife and child, experiencing hallucinations of hearing neighbors talking about him, even though behind their house was an uninhabited forest area. Only after 2 weeks under medical observation did he return to normalcy.

A non-Muslim friend once experienced it, said his spirit & body ‘separated’

Looking into the comments section, many netizens expressed concern because such destructive products can surpass sales standards in Malaysia. Moreover, some irresponsible traders also sell them to underage students.

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