Can we postpone having kids? Aizuddin Hamid explains the law on family planning for having a child.

Source:  Tiktok | aizuddinhamiid

Aizuddin Hamid, a well-known Islamic preacher and influencer, explains the law regarding married couples who are not ready to have children after tying the knot.

Sharing on TikTok, Aizudin said it’s not wrong for married couples to plan about having offspring, but they shouldn’t go against Allah’s plans.

According to him, children are a blessing given by the Creator and should not be rejected.

“What’s the ruling on getting married but not wanting kids yet? It’s more about family planning. The important thing is to have a halal relationship with your wife.

So it’s up to you to plan, maybe have a child a year or two later or something like that.

However, that’s just a plan. Allah might have a better plan for you. It could be that a few months after marriage, you’re already expecting.

So when you’re blessed with a child, don’t reject that blessing. Because we humans plan, but Allah is the best planner.”

In the same sharing, Aizuddin also mentioned that Prophet Muhammad encouraged his followers to have many descendants and offspring to continue the Islamic preaching mission.

“Even in the tradition of marriage itself, the Prophet wanted us to have more children. So that many will believe in Allah and spread the religion and the effort of preaching.

That’s why there needs to be descendants to continue the mission of Prophet Muhammad’s preaching on this earth.”

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