TNG RFID tag does not have an expiry date?


Over the weekend, words got out online that early adopters of Touch ‘n Go (TNG) RFID tag may have to replace their tag. Certainly! When it comes to technology and services like RFID tags, it’s not uncommon for companies to periodically update or offer promotions for newer versions of their products. In the case of Touch ‘n Go (TNG), the recent email communication to early adopters of TNG RFID tags sparked some confusion and concern among users.

Source : THESTAR

It’s important to note that promotions offering incentives for users to upgrade or replace older versions of products are common in the industry. These promotions are often aimed at encouraging users to adopt newer technologies, benefit from improved features, or simply to keep hardware up to date. Users are advised to rely on official statements from the company and to seek clarification if there is any uncertainty about communications received.

It’s also a good practice to stay informed about any updates or changes related to the services they are using, particularly when it involves essential components like RFID tags for toll payments. The company has officially confirmed this through this morning’s statement: Nothing will happen to your existing RFID tag from 2018 if you choose to not purchase a new tag through this promotion which is officially called the TNG RFID Pilot Users Programme. The company has highlighted this point on its website: Will my tag be terminated if I do not purchase the discounted RFID tag through the Touch ‘n Go Pilot Users Programme? No, only users who purchase the replacement RFID Tag will have their RFID pilot tag automatically terminated one month after the programme ends. While the tag might not have an expiry date, nothing last forever though. Due to wear and tear, the RFID will eventually damaged and need to be replaced especially after being exposed to elements for a prolonged time. But all in all, your RFID tag ultimately should work as long as it is physically intact. In the end, TNG should have worded its promotion in a much clearer manner in order to avoid any confusion.

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