“Unsettled Hospital Bills: Sri Lankan Man Sparks Outrage for Refusing Payment After Two Admissions in Malaysia”

Source : World Of Buzz

In a recent social media post by @MALAYSIAVIRALLL, an incident involving a Sri Lankan man’s refusal to settle his hospital bills in Malaysia has gained attention. The tweet revealed that the man, who was admitted for a procedure, sparked an argument upon discharge and declined to pay. Even during his second hospital visit, he persisted in refusing payment, raising questions about who would cover the expenses.

The tweet highlighted, “Last Saturday, he was admitted for another procedure. Who’s paying the bill then? It’s covered by the taxes of the Malaysian people.” Notably, the man’s family, equipped with high-end phones and Apple watches, suggested financial capability to cover the hospital expenses.

Expressing outrage, netizens called for stricter rules for foreigners, proposing mandatory deposits and questioning the allocation of tax money to cover essential health bills. The incident has sparked discussions online, with some urging authorities to address such situations promptly.

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