[VIDEO] Chaos Unleashed as Power Bank Goes Kaboom on AirAsia Flight

Source: Daily Mail

In a tale of airborne antics last Saturday, 24 February, a power bank exploded on a Thai AirAsia flight, setting off a frenzy among passengers.

Flying from Bangkok to Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thai AirAsia flight FD3188 became the stage for unexpected drama when a power bank decided to showcase its explosive capabilities.

Among the 186 passengers on board, Thailand’s Industry Minister Pimphattra Wichaikul was also treated to the explosive spectacle, creating an airborne adventure she probably didn’t sign up for, as reported by Thaiger. Captured in a two-minute video shared by Daily Mail, chaos ensues as passengers scramble away from the detonating power bank while onboard technicians heroically rush to the scene to assess the situation.

Sources reveal that the power bank, before turning pyrotechnic, was casually placed in a seat pouch, adding a dash of absurdity to the whole incident, as reported by New York Post.

With commendable efficiency, the onboard team managed to extinguish the flames within two minutes, ensuring the flight landed safely, and fortunately, no injuries were reported.

An AirAsia spokesperson remarked, “The trained flight attendants brought fire extinguishers to quickly deal with the fire caused by the power bank,” emphasizing the importance of well-prepared cabin crews in unexpected situations.

The Airports of Thailand (AOT) attributed the explosion to the power bank’s substandard quality, as reported by Bangkok Post. AOT director Kirati Kijmanawat clarified that no one was at fault in this comedy of errors. Both the power bank owner and AOT staff adhered to the established guidelines for bringing such devices onto flights.

Kirati reinforced the rules, stating that power banks cannot be stowed in checked luggage and must accompany passengers in the cabin. Additionally, the power bank’s capacity must not exceed 30,000mAh. In his post-incident wisdom, Kirati advised travelers to stick to reputable power bank brands, perhaps suggesting that explosive performances are best left to fireworks displays.

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