[VIDEO] Didi Astillah Shares Intimate Video with Ruhainies, Netizens Express Displeasure – ‘Friends But Backstabbing’

Source: Instagram | @didiastillah

Didi’s move to upload the video seems to hint at the allegations of infidelity between the two celebrities.

Checking the comment section, most netizens were completely taken aback by the accusations, as they appeared very close.

Simultaneously, netizens expressed frustration if Ruhainies’ name is indeed involved in the controversy, labeling her as a traitor to her friend.

Friends betraying friends, that’s harsh.

Why betray a friend? Poor Bella, stay strong.

Friends, but backstabbing.

This is what you call friends betraying friends. Stay strong, Bella.

Earlier, Ruhainies’ name came up when she was alleged to be caught in close proximity with the actor from Singapore in the early hours of Saturday at a luxurious condominium in the capital.

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