[VIDEO] John Cena Stuns Audience, Strips Naked While Presenting Oscar Trophy

Source: Youtube | Oscar Award Ceremony

The Oscar Awards stage in 2024 witnessed a jaw-dropping moment as actor John Cena appeared ‘naked,’ covering only his private parts with an envelope and sporting ‘Birkenstocks’ while presenting the trophy for the Best Costume Design category.

“Costumes, they’re crucial. Probably the most crucial thing,” Cena quipped during his unconventional presentation.

Cena’s appearance harked back to the memories of the 1974 Oscar Awards when a naked man ran across the stage during the event welcoming Elizabeth Taylor.

“Can you imagine if a naked man ran across the stage today?” host John Kimmel playfully asked the audience.

Kimmel also jokingly remarked that Cena should feel at ease, considering his background as a WWE wrestler accustomed to appearing on stage without clothes. The unexpected twist added a touch of humor and surprise to the Oscar ceremony, leaving the audience in shock and amusement. Cena’s bold move sparked discussions and became a memorable highlight of the night.

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