Violinist, Cellist, & Pianist Impress M’sians by Playing Coldplay Song at Pasar Seni MRT Station

Source : TikTok | @joanne8473

Train rides can often be a bore for those who frequent the mode of public transport. Often a zombified version of ourselves making way from one location to another, we hardly expect to come across anything entertaining during these trips. However, for a few lucky Malaysians who happened to go to the Pasar Seni MRT recently, they were in for a musical and melodious surprise.

Malaysian violinist Joanne Yeoh recently shared a TikTok video to her page @joanne8473 of a collaboration she recently participated in alongside two of her friends and fellow music lovers, pianist Tham Horng Kent and cellist Lynn Ng. Together, the trio set up a small performance area for themselves inside the Pasar Seni MRT station and played a melodious version of Coldplay’s 2008 hit, Viva La Vida.

With smiles plastered on all three of their faces, the trio embraced the harmonies each other produced and played the tune of the song seamlessly.

Capturing the attention of multiple people around them, many Malaysians turned their heads to watch the ensemble absolutely demolish the song, captivating every note with their instruments. At one point, a series of individuals also stopped to applaud the trio for their musical talents.

In a brief conversation with WORLD OF BUZZ, Yeoh stated that their performance at the Pasar Seni MRT station was a one-off affair. According to Yeoh, while the trio operate as stand-alone performers, they occasionally come together to perform at classical concerts or cultivate on fun activities.

“Good music should be shared! It helps that we are of the same mindset when it comes to ‘giving back’ to society through our music,” said Yeoh

Sharing her personal journey, Yeoh stated that she has been playing the violin since she was eight years old, adding how blessed she is to play the violin, as it isn’t just a pleasure for her, but a career choice too.

As for whether the trio will unite to recreate their performance at Pasar Seni, Yeoh stated that they may if the opportunity arises.

Receiving immense praise for their talents, many commenters applauded the trio, while one user even expressed their disappointment in not seeing them when she used the MRT, hoping they’ll be back for another performance soon.

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