“What the heck are you staring at?!” – M’sian Gal Gives a Slap to a Guy on KL Street for Eyeing Her Chest

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Feeling secure is a basic right, no matter where you are. Recently, a Malaysian woman stood up for herself when she noticed a guy blatantly staring at her chest in public.

In her TikTok post @abnormina, Mina got straight to the point. She admitted she gave a guy a slap for ogling at her boobs as she was about to cross the road to KLCC. Mina, dressed in a low-cut outfit that day, knew exactly what the guy was up to because of how close he stood to her at the traffic light.

Waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green, Mina sensed the guy inching closer to her, eyes fixed on her, without making a move to cross the road. Mina’s instinct kicked in, leading her to deliver a swift slap and demand,

“What the heck are you staring at?!”

Mina was convinced the guy was checking out her chest, though he denied it with a simple “No”. His buddy just stood there, avoiding the situation.

“It was pure reflex because he was way too close.”

Mina clarified that her reflex was solely self-defense and hinted it might be a go-to move against perverts in the future.

With her best friend by her side during the incident, Mina shared her immediate feelings after the slap.

“At first, I felt nothing, but then I asked my friend if I actually slapped the guy. She wanted to know if I was okay and what the guy did because even she noticed how uncomfortably close he was.”

Mina also admitted, “I chuckled with relief afterward because I felt empowered in a way.”

Addressing her outfit, Mina pointed out that it’s 2024, and everyone should be free to dress however they please.

“I usually ignore guys catcalling or staring, but then I feel guilty for not standing up for myself.”

Mina also mentioned that thankfully, the guy didn’t retaliate or get physical.

“He didn’t do anything, thankfully. I was actually prepared for him to hit back. I was on high alert.”

Ladies, what’s your go-to move if you catch a guy making unwanted advances?

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