Why Keep Shooting Stray Dogs If Rabies Won’t Budge, Asks Sarawak DAP Woman

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Lesley Chong raises a paw-some question: Why are we still shooting stray dogs if it’s not putting a leash on rabies cases?

SARAWAK DAP is throwing a bone into the debate, questioning the logic behind aiming for stray dogs in the state when it’s proving to be a bit of a dog’s breakfast in curbing rabies infections.

“Why are the local authorities so trigger-happy with their shoot-to-kill operations?

“Are they just using shooting as a quick fix to shoo away dogs from communal spaces?” queried central committee member Lesley Chong, wearing her detective hat.

She’s barking up the right tree, urging the Sarawak government to hit the brakes on all these mass culling operations.

She pointed out that the straight-up strategy of offing strays has been less effective than a cat on a hot tin roof in dealing with the rabies situation in the state.

“The rabies count is still wagging its tail high, especially in places like Kuching.

“The local councils have been shooting strays left and right, claiming it’s to put the brakes on rabies. But if they’re admitting rabies is still having a field day despite the mass canine shootouts, why are they sticking to this bone-headed strategy?

“Is it just a quick fix for getting rid of strays?” Chong quipped.

She’s got her sights set on a different target, suggesting that the local authorities should roll up their sleeves for a big push in mass vaccination and spaying/neutering of strays. She’s asking for more public campaigns too, to teach folks how to be responsible pet owners instead of taking the lazy way out.

“Kuching recently hosted a high-profile veterinary associations seminar. Foreign participants spilled the kibble on how they managed to gracefully reduce rabies cases and keep stray populations in check through mass vaccination and neutering.

“Despite having a front-row seat to this international event that had the purr-fect solution to dealing with strays and rabies, Sarawak seems stuck on the old routine of shooting strays.

“The whole shebang of hosting such global events goes down the drain if Sarawak doesn’t even follow the humane methods of managing strays,” she lamented.

She’s unleashed a call for the state government to halt the public execution of strays and gather all animal welfare bodies for a round-table discussion to dig up a more humane way of effectively and professionally tackling the rising issue of rabies and strays. Time to fetch a better solution, folks!

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