WOW, THIS IS AMAZING! Scientists discovered a new way to kill cancer cells. 


INCREDIBLE DISCOVERY! Scientists have unveiled a groundbreaking method to combat cancer by utilizing near-infrared light to activate aminocyanine molecules, causing cancer cells to vibrate collectively and rupture their outer membranes. This revolutionary approach, employing what scientists have dubbed “molecular jackhammers,” exhibited an astonishing efficacy in obliterating 99% of cancer cells!

Aminocyanine molecules, well-known as synthetic dyes in bioimaging, play a crucial role in this innovative technique. Typically employed in small doses for cancer detection, these molecules exhibit excellent stability in water and a strong affinity for attaching themselves to the exterior of cells.

The research team, comprising experts from Rice University, Texas A&M University, and the University of Texas, has positioned this new methodology as a substantial improvement over the previously developed Feringa-type motors, another form of molecular machine designed for destroying problematic cell structures.

What sets these newly termed “molecular jackhammers” apart from their predecessors, the Feringa-type motors, is their remarkable speed in mechanical motion—more than one million times faster. Moreover, their activation requires near-infrared light instead of visible light. The significance of near-infrared light lies in its ability to penetrate deeper into the body, potentially offering a non-surgical treatment option for cancers in bones and organs.

But what do the findings reveal? In experiments conducted on cultured, lab-grown cancer cells, the molecular jackhammer method exhibited an astounding 99% success rate in destroying these cells. Furthermore, when tested on mice with melanoma tumors, half of the animals achieved a remarkable cancer-free status.

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