“You know we’re married, right?” – S’porean caught Travelling With Another Woman After Wife Spotted Them

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Cheating is like a relationship troublemaker, causing unbearable pain when you catch your partner being dishonest.

In a post shared by @singaporeincidents on Instagram (though it’s now gone), a woman confronted her husband at the airport, where he was traveling with another woman. The other woman, spotting the wife just seconds before the man did, tried to avoid the camera by walking away and standing on the other side.

When the man saw his wife, he was too shocked to speak. So, the wife started the “conversation” by asking, “What are you doing? You know you’re legally married to me, right?”

The man simply muttered, “Gila ke apa. (Crazy or what?) I’m leaving.”

Unhappy with the answer, the wife approached the other woman in the green varsity jacket and asked, “You know we’re married, right? How long have you guys been together?”

However, the other woman didn’t answer and continued avoiding the camera, ending the video.

The video made its rounds on social media, and netizens had a lot to say about the man’s reactions when caught by his wife and what it meant for him in that moment.

“He’s not that bad. I’ve seen men who are far worse.”

“A stupid man like this annoys me. He’s going for someone who is not even that pretty.”

“It’s like he has seen the angel of death.”

Others were also puzzled about the lady who chose to be with the man, despite knowing he was already taken.

“Did you choose to be with him just because no one else wanted you?”

“She knows that the man was married.”

Confronting a cheating partner takes courage. What would you do if you found yourself in such a situation?

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