Young, schooled and jobless 

It’s disheartening to see such high numbers of unemployed graduates. The disconnect among the Education Ministry, universities, students, and employers is indeed a critical issue that needs urgent attention. Addressing this problem requires collaboration and a shared responsibility among all stakeholders. 

source : EdgeMarket

The Ministry’s response seems outdated, and it’s essential for them to take a proactive approach in addressing the skills gap. Public universities, being under their control, should be a focal point for implementing changes. Reevaluating the quality and relevance of education provided can make a significant impact. 

The sheer number of universities alone isn’t the problem; it’s about the quality and alignment of their programs with the needs of the job market. Asking the right questions about the kind of education these institutions offer is crucial. Perhaps a comprehensive review and restructuring of university programs can bridge the gap between education and employment. 

Communication breakdowns between universities and employers are a major obstacle. Collaboration and dialogue can help tailor education to meet industry needs. If employers are dissatisfied with graduates’ skills, universities should actively seek their input and adjust curricula accordingly. 

Students play a crucial role too. They need to make informed decisions about their courses, considering the demand in the job market. Policymakers should focus on guiding students toward fields with better employment prospects, aligning education with future job opportunities. 

Ultimately, solving this issue requires a collective effort. Everyone involved needs to recognize their role and work together towards a more effective and relevant education system that prepares graduates for the evolving job market. 

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