“He Demanded RM50k” – Malaysian Man Kidnapped in Bangkok by His Friend of 10 Years

Source: World Of Buzz

The 37-year-old man, identified as Law, shared his story on a Facebook live video. He revealed that his old friend had contacted him in April, despite them not speaking for a long time. Law was invited to Bangkok for a religious festival and holiday, with his friend claiming to cover all the expenses.

Excited by the offer, Law accepted without much thought, even though he didn’t secure a return flight ticket.

“I was beaten and tortured, without my friend in sight”

Upon landing in Bangkok on May 7, Law’s friend took him into a car where he quickly passed out after drinking a bottle of water. When he regained consciousness, he found himself in Burma, realizing the “holiday” was a trap.

“When I woke up, I saw four men from China and a Malaysian man. One of them demanded RM50,000.”

During his captivity, Law was beaten with sticks and metal bars and suffered cuts on his neck and arm. He wasn’t the only victim; there were others trapped for similar reasons.

Law didn’t explain how he escaped but mentioned encountering a Burmese soldier who spoke Malay. This soldier protected him for two weeks before representatives of the Malaysian Humanitarian Organisation (MHO) brought him back to Malaysia.

Law returned safely to KL on July 9 but found that his “friend’s” phone number was no longer in service.

Law’s harrowing experience mirrors the ordeals of job scam victims kidnapped by syndicates. When will these syndicates be stopped?

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