Limited Edition: Mickey Mouse Figure in 24K Gold & Pewter, Proudly Crafted in Malaysia

Source: SAYS

Celebrating its 96th anniversary this year, Mickey Mouse, the iconic Disney character, has been immortalized in a unique creation by Royal Selangor International in collaboration with Mighty Jaxx.

Standing tall at nine inches, this limited-edition Mickey Mouse figure is meticulously crafted from pewter and adorned with 24k gold plating.

Mighty Jaxx, a prominent Singaporean toymaker, collaborated with a renowned Malaysian pewter designer to intricately carve Mickey Mouse. The figure portrays Mickey in a coy stance, holding a paintbrush, capturing his timeless charm.

The addition of gold plating enhances the figure’s design, infusing it with elegance and luxury.

Named “Premiumworked Mickey Mouse Transformation x Royal Selangor,” this figure is part of a by-invite-only line, catering to avid collectors worldwide. Only 100 pieces will be available during the limited-edition pre-order run.

Jackson Aw, founder and CEO of Mighty Jaxx, expressed his personal connection to Mickey Mouse, stating, “Mickey holds a special place in many people’s hearts, including mine. Growing up watching Mickey, I admired how he inspired creativity and positivity, encouraging everyone to pursue their dreams.”

Priced at USD2,200 (RM10,363), the Premiumworked Mickey Mouse Transformation x Royal Selangor embodies the finest traditions of artistry and innovation from Malaysia and Singapore.

“For discerning collectors, this exclusive opportunity to own such a seminal creation is a celebration of heritage, excellence, and the enduring magic of Mickey Mouse,” Aw added.

Chen Tien Yue, executive director of Royal Selangor, described the collaboration as a rewarding experience, blending their expertise in pewter craftsmanship with Mighty Jaxx’s creativity and design.

“We hope that Mickey’s fans will truly appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that went into creating this exceptional piece,” Chen remarked.

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