After confessing to clubbing and twice following a guy home, Lola from Ampang has finally broken her silence.

Source: TikTok | @urgurl101

The young blonde-haired woman stated that the video was just content for the purpose of promoting a company.

According to her, she is an employee, and the man interviewing her with spicy questions is the founder of the company.

Thus, she agreed to be involved in creating this ‘trashy’ content.

“I have to make this explanatory video because I feel like it’s getting too much.

“People always ask why I make content like this?

“Okay, if you look at my Instagram (IG) account, you will see that I work with that company, and the person standing next to me in that viral video is the founder or boss of that company.

“I am an ambassador for that company.

“Why did I agree to make that content? Because it’s just for ‘marketing’ purposes.

“Everything is just made up, including the name, age, and everything else,” said Lola.

Her explanation via a video on her TikTok account comes after two weeks of her viral video being interviewed by a man and admitting she started going to clubs at the age of 18.

Not good

At the same time, Lola understands that the end does not justify the means when the video publicizes something not good.

However, Lola asks netizens to understand that the video’s production is just pre-planned marketing content.

“As for the issue of going home with those two guys, I have never done that. Those who know me, know how I am.

“Most of the time, I go out with my female friends,” she said.

Refusing to prolong the issue, Lola decided to forgive the public who threw criticism at her.

“But if there are still those who continue to do so even after this explanatory video has been made, for Allah’s sake, I say, on the Day of Judgment, you can look for me until you find me,” she said.

Through the viral video recording, Lola also shared her experience of twice following a newly acquainted man home.

This disgraceful revelation invited public condemnation, with most netizens describing the content as excessive and trashy for bringing shame upon herself.



here is something to clear things up ! kalau boleh share , share ye saya dah explain pasal lola😘 #fypシ

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